The evolution of the garden

This is the back garden when we first viewed the cottage; sunny and pretty but very overgrown. We were delighted to find plenty of lovely crocosmia and several shrubs including two hydrangeas, a couple of roses and some evergreens. We didn’t even know that there was a patio hidden at the back, next to thatContinue reading “The evolution of the garden”

Things to do in North Cornwall in Spring 2020

Boscastle Walking Week 19-24 April  Local guides take you on a range of walks along the coastline or amid woods and along streams. This part of Cornwall is spectacularly beautiful in Spring, carpeted with primroses and gorse, while the hedgerows are white with clouds of blossom. Walks include: Tamar Lakes and Bude Canal. Crackington HavenContinue reading “Things to do in North Cornwall in Spring 2020”

Halloween and October half term 2019: Things to do in north Cornwall and around

Cornwall is a great place to visit all year round, and October half term is no exception. Yes, the nights draw in and the temperature cools as we approach Hallowe’en but that means that magical torch-lit walks can happen before young kids’ bedtimes and the warmth of a pasty takes on a new appeal. AutumnContinue reading “Halloween and October half term 2019: Things to do in north Cornwall and around”

Review: Tintagel Castle and its new bridge

Stories go that windswept Tintagel island was where legendary British leader King Arthur was conceived, his father Uther Pendragon tricking his mother through the sorcerer Merlin’s magic. Any glimmer of truth in the tale is lost in the mists of time but the site of Tintagel Castle is without doubt an enchanting location with medievalContinue reading “Review: Tintagel Castle and its new bridge”

Things to do in Cornwall when it rains

Much as we would wish blue skies and sunny days all summer, Cornwall does get its fair share of rain (although rumour has it Devon is wetter). The good news is that bad weather rarely sets in for long as coastal winds keep things changeable. And if it’s raining on one coast, a drive northContinue reading “Things to do in Cornwall when it rains”

Ancient lanes – Cornwall’s other beauty

Cornwall’s spectacular coastline is the first thing many people think of when bringing the county to mind. But its miles of country lanes are beautiful too. I particularly love the holloways – ancient roads carved out by countless feet, hooves and cartwheels over the centuries. Small wonder that these paths with their high sides andContinue reading “Ancient lanes – Cornwall’s other beauty”